Developer for visionary projects

Hi there! I’m who you’ve been looking for! My name is Jenny, and developing visionary projects is what I do best. Combining coolness and nonchalance with clarity and rigor, I can turn your ambitious ideas into successful projects.

I always start with the approach that everything is possible. I assess the status quo and shape the future. My world view is unconventional and cutting edge – and that’s how I approach your projects, too. My unique talent is taking your plans to the next level, where they can be more impressive, creative and relevant.

My work is marked by a signature aesthetic in terms of how I orchestrate conceptual steps, intelligent use of resources and a vibrant, inspirational feeling of joy within the implementing team. Inspired by my creative flow, ideas and people can grow, producing pioneering new approaches.

Who puts their ideas in my hands? Enthusiastic people with visions, resources and an aspiration to change the world for the better. These people generally have more ideas than there are hours in the day. My job is to quickly grasp the idea, conceptualise and implement it, and find the right team.

The projects entrusted in me are diverse, ranging from setting a new course for a business, putting together a thematic start-up portfolio or a real estate development combined with an innovative neighbourhood concept. However, the projects have one thing in common – they shape our present and influence our future.

If that sounds interesting, I would love to get to know you and explore ideas together!

Professor Thomas Knerer, architect and Director, Knerer und Lang Architekten, Dresden and Munich, Germany

It is impressive to see how Jenny draws strategic conclusions with an open mind. That allows her to facilitate novel and surprising developments in projects.

Meho Koric, Investor, real estate developer and CEO, PIN Agencija, Sarajevo, Bosnia

She is a business partner who consistently achieves best results and exceeds expectations. At all times, I have found her to be reliable, conscientious and helpful in a delicate business environment.

Stacey Trenteseaux, Executive Director Opera Mississippi, singer, coach, mentor, Jacksonville, Florida, USA

Jenny is an intuitive, creative and inspiring person. Our conversations were filled with creative brainstorming, finding inspiration and then innovative action planning for the next project. Working with Jenny was an organic process that pushed my boundaries and inspired me as an artist and entrepreneur.

Frank Steinert and Gerd Göbelbecker, property developers, Dresden and Chemnitz, Germany

Jenny merged different experiences and perspectives to form a powerful vision, creating something quite out of the ordinary. Ultimately, it is always the quality of the concept that determines the success of a property development project.

Markus Drieschner, Project Assistant, die fabrik chemnitz, Chemnitz, Germany

With her warm personality and wide-ranging expertise, Jenny succeeds in developing her team and everyone around her in a positive way. I found Jenny’s energy to be the magic ingredient that turns mere ideas into forward-looking solutions .

Andreas Weber and Mathias Illgen, Managing Directors, Stan Hema, Berlin, Germany

Jenny understands what a holistic brand experience means, and is also capable of organising processes in an agile manner. She doesn’t let outside influences distract her from her objective. She passionately supports projects; her energetic aura is irresistibly infectious.

Michael Kern, restaurateur, organiser of cultural events and yoga instructor, Munich, Germany

Jenny is always an extremely attentive listener . Her gift is grasping things in seconds and making systematic sense of them. That gives any content-related discussions a direction afterwards and keeps them moving forwards.

Werner Aisslinger, designer, Berlin, Germany, and Singapore

Successful projects always come about when commitment and the right team come together at the right time – a calculated match between sparring partners who conceptualise the future together. Jenny brings these teams together and allows energy to evolve in a way that is only possible in special, curated settings like these.

Felix R. Krull, photographer, Dresden, Germany, and USA

What started as a job became a truly enriching professional and personal experience working with the dedicated and brilliant team. It’s not every day that all stakeholders in a project find as much enthusiasm and drive, expertise, creativity and inspiration in the air.

Tino Lang, CEO zebra I group, Chemnitz and Dresden, Germany

While you are still looking for the fuses with your flashlight, Jenny comes into the room and switches on the light. It’s masterful how she sees the big picture and does what’s obvious.

Dr Bernd Kugelberg, Managing Director, Schneider + Partner, Dresden, Germany

In all my time as a consultant, I have never met anyone who could analyse a situation – including the people involved – as quickly and brilliantly, and draw the required conclusions as logically.